about me:

"A photograph is a pause button on life."

How it started

I’m a portrait photographer based in Surrey and my love affair with photography started at age 14 when I got my first camera and have been taking photographs ever since. My grandfather was a keen photographer, and my grandmother was his muse, so I grew up fascinated looking at beautiful black and white photographs of her, and I am so glad my daughters will have a record of her as she truly was. Vibrant and glamorous in her 20s, beautiful in her 30s, elegant and graceful through her 40s and beyond.

My career began in the magazine industry back in 2003, shooting fashion stories for Ellemagazine when I won their "new talent" competition. My work is still very influenced by the romantic, storytelling elements of editorial photography, but I quickly discovered that my true talent lies in photographing families and more recently in showing real, everyday women how amazing they are. 

a celebration of motherhood

During the last 10 years I have been a baby and family photographer as one half of Mango Studios and have photographed thousands of babies and children all over Surrey! I’ve always noticed when a mum wants to hide away at the back of the photograph, or worse, not be in it at all.

I know how wonderful it can make you feel to see a good photograph of yourself with your children. And yet, we seem to think that having a beautiful photograph taken of the different stages of motherhood should be the reserves of Royalty and movie stars. 

Why should that be? After all, photos matter to us. We take thousands of them each year. 

But just because you don't like every single one of those 100 frames a second your husband takes on his smartphone, doesn’t mean you look like that most of the time – it just means the wrong person is taking the photo.

I know that every woman can love what they look like in a photograph. 

I know, because that’s what the hundreds of women I have photographed have told me – how they can’t believe how amazing I can make them look. 

And it’s not about the makeup (although all my shoots always have a professional makeup artist on hand to airbrush out those sleepless nights). It’s about the right lighting, an eye for what makes each individual woman beautiful and unique, and knowing the exact moment to press the shutter.

It’s a wonderful legacy, I think to have photographs of you that you love and want to pass down through your family.

Let me create timeless photographs of you that you love now. And memories for your children, and grandchildren to cherish.

The little things in life that make me happy: