Summery Pregnancy Shoot, Cobham Photographer

This is the first time I have blogged on my new website so I have a lot of catching up to do! I actually shot this beautiful pregnancy shoot a couple of summers ago but it was too good not to share again. It was a balmy summers afternoon, the light was that beautiful glow before the sun goes down and I met this lovely family for a session over by the river. Two sisters and one glowing Mama full of anticipation for their new babies arrival. Magical memories even for me looking back on.


My client Phoebe writes about the importance of Mother's being in photographs with their children on her blog:

Things change, people change, life moves on, having memories recorded allows a deeper level of understanding of how life was at each stage and most importantly it documents the people you shared these stages with.

I’m by no means suggesting you live your life looking through the camera, you need to see and enjoy the world in real time too but just a bit of effort to document these memories will bring so much happiness down the track.

This pregnancy is the first time I’ve indulged and done a “maternity shoot” and I am so incredibly glad I did. My very talented photographer & friend Becky suggested we make some memories to help the girls and I remember how excited we were waiting for the arrival of their little sister in November. I love everything about the photos Becky took but I love that it catches such an amazing time and memory for all of us – waiting, excited, impatient…. That’s what photos do, they capture those memories and help us to remember and relive them over and over again.

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